Time to Restart – Welcome to Relevant Wellness, LLC.

One would ask why I would be “opening” during this challenging time of the pandemic – I find challenges bring the most important changes to our lives for us to learn from. It is the mystery that makes life worth living.

After finding out I had chronic Lyme disease this winter, I realized the universe really wanted me to learn first hand so I can be better equipped to help those I currently cared for. It became a personal mission not just a passion or vocation.

As I have said before we can be afraid of the past and it can hurt us to remember it, however we either run from it or learn from it.

I may not remember the past of how Lyme joined me on my health journey and it may explain things I did not see the same way. However I am not running from it anymore, learning all I can and not beating myself up about not knowing. I know now and that is where I chose to work from.

This time is pandemonium – all I can do is embrace the pandemonium and serve others in this unique insanity of being here now, and making a difference. All of it is relevant – and needs to be addressed regardless.

So – COVID-19 has kept most of us at home or at limited exposure to others and with things changing in NJ, there is an opportunity to be able to be seen in person versus just via telehealth.

As of June 1 – FSM, Homeopathy, Herbalism and Naturopathic Consulting are available at this time.
Medical Massage Therapy is still on the ‘no-no’ list in NJ until Governor Murphy says ok.

The 1 Evergreen Place, Morristown, NJ is open – please use link to schedule appointments

Additionally, Relevant Wellness is adding locations in Atlanta, Georgia starting July 20, 2020. Atlanta will become the home base for operations at that time. Until July 18, 2020 then all appointments are available either telehealth or in person in NJ.

Hours for NJ location will be once a month effective August 17, 2020. NJ will be 7-10 days a month during a week once a month.

Current schedule for NJ is
August 17-23, 2020 – Morristown
September 14-22,2020 – Morristown
October 12-17, 2020 – Morristown
November 16-23, 2020 – Morristown
December 14-19, 2020 – Morristown

Dates are subject to change based on volume of clients and governmental factors that may be beyond our control.

I am looking forward to being of service to you and supporting your immunity as we come out from this pandemic and for as long as your journey is!

Stay safe, be well and know you are not alone – we are all in this together