Most of our patients have suffered in silence and have had long journeys before reaching Relevant Wellness. We have a total commitment to our patients, regardless of age, gender, and nature of the ailment. We honor the issues and concerns of each individual patient and never dismiss an area of concern. At Relevant Wellness, you are amongst friends who will care for you through assessment and treatment. We are driven by our desire to improve the quality of life of our patients and their families. We do our part to ensure that our patients understand our assessments and provide them with opportunities to then come to us for many different treatments and health recommendations.

Pain Management & Neuropathy

“I have struggled with diabetic neuropathy for over 5 years in my left foot. I was concerned I would have to lose my foot, or at least my big toe as I had not felt it in years. Working with acupuncture and this miraculous device, I have more flexibility and mobility in my left foot and ankle. My stability of walking and balance is improving. Even better that I feel my big toe again. It has been years since I was so encouraged about my recovery. This treatment has brought my foot back to life.”


Hairline Fractures

“I hairline fractured my ankle bone along with strained ligaments playing basketball and had tried to take care of it on my own for 2 weeks. My wife told me of this therapy and I figured what have I got to lose? I was out of my air cast within 2 weeks and my ankle was almost fully functional. Within 8 weeks I was recovered enough to play ball again. I am a believer now and if it ever happens again, I am having Laura treat me immediately.”


Pain Management & Neuropathy

“I had ankle repair surgery over 20 years ago and have been living with this dull ache and lack of mobility ever since. I could not walk for long, much less stand without pain or not being able to keep up with others. Since working with Laura and the Acutron, I have the most range of motion I have had in decades. My recovery time from exertion is less. The pain and discomfort is less. This therapy has made my life better.”


Emotional/Physical Pain

“I was born stressed out. I have been working with a colleague of Laura regarding my stress and pain when she suggested that I try the Acutron (FSM) with Laura. Honestly I was not sure what to expect. I came in all stressed out and my back really hurt. I walked out more calm and balanced than I have ever been and my back stopped hurting – completely. The back pain has not returned and I go in for ‘tune-ups’ to keep my mood and stress managed periodically.”


Hairline Fractures

“My son fractured his metatarsal bone after landing funny while horsing around. Laura was so accommodating to see us so quickly to treat his foot. Two days later he was bouncing around and already off his crutches. This new device is a miracle!”


Scar remediation

“I had an old scar on my cheekbone from back in my softball days that was impacting my sinuses. In one treatment with the Acutron, it reduced the 20 year old scar tissue and bone so substantially I was breathing better. I forget that I even have a scar now. Thank you to the tag-team efforts of Dr. Helen and Dr. Keiles.”


Scar remediation

“My recent acne scars were leaving divots in my skin. Within one treatment with the Acutron, my acne scars were reduced nearly 75%. I feel so much better knowing my skin can better heal itself now and slowly remove the scars.”


Homeopathy and Naturopathy

Homeopathy and Naturopathy have been used successfully to resolve health conditions including: Skin conditions, Digestive Issues, Emotional Balance, Seasonal Allergies, Digestive Issues, High Blood Pressure

Skin Conditions from Digestive Issues

“I have struggled with clear skin for a long time. I also had really bad breath that I was embarrassed of and didn’t know how to deal with. Laura identified that my skin issue was related to my intestines. After working with Laura on my food allergies and digestive repair, my blemishes are significantly reduced. I would say even completely gone, except for the random hormonal one. Thank you for helping me.”


Emotional Balance

“I have always been a high strung kind of person and the world stresses me out constantly. I am thankful for Laura’s food coaching and homeopathic support helping me deal with the anxiety and stress in a manageable way. She is my hero.”


High Blood Pressure

“I was not happy with how the blood pressure medicine made me feel. So I have been working with Laura on managing my blood pressure through specific foods and lifestyle management. I have not seen this side of 120/80 in a long time and sometimes it is lower. Truly food is so powerful and makes such a big impact on your health.”


Oncology Support

“We want to thank you for giving us our mother back. 5 years ago when she was diagnosed with Brain and Colon cancer, we did not know if we would get to spend another holiday with her. I am glad we asked you to help. Today we can say we have had many family celebrations and will have many more as she was declared cancer free on 5/22/2020. She thanks God for her strength and her faith. She credits you for helping her keep the faith and making it possible to see these days ahead. You made it a miracle.”



Time to Restart – Welcome to Relevant Wellness, LLC.

Time to Restart – Welcome to Relevant Wellness, LLC.

One would ask why I would be “opening” during this challenging time of the pandemic – I find challenges bring the most important changes to our lives for us to learn from. It is the mystery that makes life worth living. After finding out I had chronic Lyme disease this winter, I realized the universe really wanted me to learn first hand so I can be better equipped to help those I currently cared for. It became a personal mission not just a passion or vocation.
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